ARISE was established on 19th September 2007, with a few students in Birati but with a lots of dreams in mind. Nowadays it is one of the fastest growing educational and technical institutes in West Bengal with its different wings. It is very complicated for a student to materialize their dream successfully in their career. Arise is such a ground where students come to know the way to achieve their goals and how to fight against the challenging adverse condition to get it. Arise acts as a friend, philosopher, and guide for the students coming from different parts of West Bengal.


Till date more than two hundred students are successfully placed in different government and MNC sectors. Our vision is to create at least 10000 employments in coming 5 years in government, non-government and IT sectors and bringing the WHOLE PERSON concept for a better world through community development, economic development, and health awareness building.


Our aim is to equip our students with the knowledge, skill, values and confidence so that they can be a part of the efficient work force of India as well as the global community. We are dedicated to provide the best possible high quality of service and highest quality of academic and curricular program.


Our objectives are to create such an environment so that ii will supply such a student’s pool who will be not only be technically or academically powerful and successful professional but also be a good human being with great moral value and humanity.